Tanvas Resource Page

UI, UX, Product

Tanvas is a company that specializes in developing haptic technology for corporations and organizations. Looking to expand their ideas to 3rd party developers, the company needed a communal web resource page for them to lead Tanvas' technology toward new feats.


Our team had a hard deadline of a week to deliver a concept to the company. Very little prototyping was involved in the process, forcing me and my team to develop a concept in an iterative and agile manner.

Using the user interviews and input we recieved from Tanvas, we devised personas, assessing their users needs and goals.

Visually, I referenced Tanvas' marketing website for branding cues, and improved components of it to make it more accessible and user friendly.


Tanvas enjoyed the results of the project. What we created for them was a resourceful web forum platform with clear CTA's, tags and and buttons that felt more actionable, while also expanding the company brand to be more user centered.

Visual Designer: Christopher Santoso
Design Lead: Litha Ramirez
Senior Designer: Michelle Sus
User Experience: Rickie Robinson
Business Analyst: Bradley Walker

©2023 Christopher Santoso
Chicago, IL