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Steelseries is a Chicago/Danish based company that creates it’s own video game equipment for console and PC. While working at Steelseries, I was tasked with developing new features for the company’s e-commerce platform. Our customizer was are most ambitious project to date.



The stakeholders wanted the product detail page to be highly informative and engaging, while also being easy to navigate and understand. They wanted the page to showcase the unique features of the mouse, such as its customizable mouse shell, cables, and high-quality switches.





The developer, product manager, and myself worked closely with the stakeholders to create a product detail page that met all their requirements. The page was designed to be visually appealing, with high-quality product images and videos that showcased the mouse’s unique features as well as a fully functional customizer.

In order to get a sense of what our users were guaging in terms of usability, we use established a series of questions for each user based on what we thought were points of fricition and assumptions about the customizer product detail page. We also leveraged a competitive analysis against competitors and like-minded brands to create a benchmark for success.


The product detail page for the Aerox gaming mouse was a huge success, exceeding the stakeholders expectations in terms of engagement and sales. The page had a low bounce rate, indicating that customers were staying on the page for longer periods of time.

Overall, the product detail page helped to increase sales of the Aerox gaming mouse and solidify the company’s position as a leading manufacturer of gaming equipment.

UX/UI Designer: Christopher Santoso
Product Manger: Toni Au
Head of E-commerce: Jane Prizer
Development: Jackson Mills

©2023 Christopher Santoso
Chicago, IL