OTS Rashad Typeface


OTS Rashad was a project that culminated out of curiosity to try and design a typeface. I developed it for two years, drawing influence from my experiences within the Chicago club scene, footwork music and even more specifically, the music catalogue of DJ Rashad.

This typeface was also featured and used exclusively as a tool for the design related event, Designers Talking, curated by Nat Pyper.


The footwork pioneer's music caught my attention and resulted in my decision to move to Chicago and immerse myself in the footwork culture. But through my nights out, I also attended other events and encountered and embraced other sub cultures within the Chicago club community; all strived towards inclusivity.


I referenced all of the vernacular I encountered in each club environment. The forms of each letter represent architectural facets from those club nights.

Certain symbols were introduced in place of specific letters in reference to various facets of club life.

I stalled the project for about 6 months at the latter of it’s 2 year development Period. Shortly after, the typeface saw completion when designer, Nate Pyper commisioned me to create one; allowing me to unearth this project and add finishing touches to it, while also putting it to use.


©2023 Christopher Santoso
Chicago, IL