Lien Hoa Food Corp

UX, E-commerce

Lien Hoa Food Corp has operated for 20 years as one of the largest Asian food wholesalers in the Midwest. And with the growing demand for wholesale e-commerce purchasing, Lien Hoa Food wanted to push forward and craft a digital e-commerce experience truly tailored for their customer.


Initially I conducted onsight interviews with customers that came through the store to make their purchases, asking them a series of question around what type of purchases mattered to them the most. After meeting with stakeholders, reviewing the user research, wireframing and prototyping, and conducting a series of usability tests, we concluded that sales and deal were very important purchasing points. These we emphasized as call to actions throughout the site.


I developed a relatively simple design system for the MVP site, while getting my hands dirty and doing some front end development to build out the site. We ended up using shopify as the backend platform because of its app intergration services. Most of Lien Hoa’s customers were amazed by the simplicity ease of use of the e-commerce platform, compared to Lien Hoa competion.

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Chicago, IL